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Therapy can be a lonely business. It can also become repetitive. One client after another. One tragic story after another. In our community, burnout is seen as inevitable.

It is easy to lose your spark. It is easy to lose your passion for therapy. It is easy to forget to look after yourself. The focus is always away from you. It’s never about you.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

This is the home of the evolved therapist: the therapist who wants to create an amazing life. The therapist who embraces abundance, vitality and joy. The therapist who is ready to come alive!

I am here to support you and make it fun. My focus is on you. Here you matter.

You can have an amazing life and make your work fun. You can be the therapist of your dreams without lots of effort, pressure and boring work.

Don’t believe me? I did it. Now let me show you how.

Being A Therapist Can Be Lonely

Your focus is always on others. It’s always about how to help others feel better. But what about you? Who is there to support you? To focus on you? To motivate you?

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

You have found a community of like-minded people who are passionate about therapy and their own lives. Together we inspire each other and support each other. Together we take therapy to the next level.

Get Your Spark Back

For therapy to work well you need to thrive. My focus is on you. You matter. Let’s unleash your full potential.

The Exceptional Therapist

Do you feel lonely, uninspired, demotivated and unappreciated? Have you lost the love for therapy? Are you struggling with your clients? Do you wonder if this is all there is? Are you struggling but feeling too nervous to seek support because after all, you’re the therapist? It’s never to late to be the therapist of your dreams. Let’s bring back your spark!

The Business of private practice

Do you want to set up your own private practice but don’t know where to start? Or do you already have a private practice but aren’t enjoying it as much as you had hoped? Could you benefit from some guidance, support or inspiration? If so, this section contains everything to get you moving.

for the love of therapy: The podcast

What a treat!

Meet some of the most inspiring therapists who have put themselves out there and created something amazing.

Let’s focus away from their clinical skills and achievements and focus on the person behind the name.

What helped them come alive and unleash their potential?

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Insecurity, Thief of Love

Insecurity, Thief of Love

Insecurity is the price we pay for safety. Safety in staying hidden. Safety in never really finding out whether we are acceptable to others because we believe our insecure thoughts that tell us that we might not be. We feel that we have security within the safety of hiding. But insecurity is not the price we pay for love, connection or trust. Other than a sense of familiarity there is no benefit to insecurity.

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Celebrating Self-Expression As Your Contribution

Celebrating Self-Expression As Your Contribution

From the confines of my fear-based, restrictive thinking emerges an openness, a silliness, an excitement and a joy that is difficult to put into words. It’s comes from a liberated state of mind. From that state of mind I started to play with my thoughts. There was nothing to fear. There was no danger in doing so. There were just thoughts to be experienced. And so my original shame-induced, fear-based question (and lie of my mind!) of “Who am I to … ?” changed to “Who am I not to … ?”.

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The Power of Honesty: How The Truth Will Set You Free

The Power of Honesty: How The Truth Will Set You Free

The truth is a gift – to others but mainly to ourselves. When we step into our truth and begin to open up, we start to become honest with ourselves. We get to reevaluate past choices. We get to make changes. We get to have a completely different experience without necessarily having to change much on the outside. We allow ourselves a much fuller and much freer experience. One that transforms us in such a way that it touches others too.

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Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~ Howard Thurman



I see a limited number of clients as I love working with people and witnessing their transformation.  


I am available for supervision services as I love conceptualising and supporting therapists. .


I coach therapists and business leaders as I love encouraging them to unleash their full potential. 

The healthiest response to life is joy. ~ Deepak Chopra

what if ... ?

What if there was no other course you had to attend to become a better therapist?

What if there was no more therapy you were required to do to feel happier, less stressed and more fulfilled?

What if you already had everything you need to be the therapist of your dreams?







“Psychotherapy was created to help alleviate human suffering. What if the next step is to take clients from surviving to thriving? What if it is to infuse them with a sense of liberation, vitality and joy? Are you living those values in your life so you can lead the way? I am here to help you come alive and inspire your practice.”


Marlena Tillhon

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